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Our Customized branding tool allows you to make a basic logo elegantly. You can design a logo as per your preferences. The basic logo maker creates your desired visual emblem intuitively, instantly, and creatively. The memorable appearance of the logo will let your brand have a distinctive identity. In addition, our unique and powerful design wizard allows you to create a custom logo in a few clicks.

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How to Create a Basic Logo from Scratch?

Make a logo in minutes. Just answer a few simple questions about your business and personal style. Our online logo maker will create a logo design that’s right for you.


Select Your Preferred Logo Template

Firstly, you need to select your preferred logo template from our library.


Edit and Customize

Afterwards, you need to customize the logo template as per your preferences with the super-handy tool.


Download Logo

Lastly, you would need to simply download the visual emblem by clicking on the “Download” button.


What Makes a Good Basic Logo?



The symbol of a basic logo needs to be designed in a way that it may capture the attention of the audience. Our simple logo maker allows you to create perfect symbols for your visual emblem. Symbols are considered to be an integral part of a logo maker. It helps the audience determine what your business is actually all about.



There is surely no room to compromise on the layout of a basic logo. However, you would have to create it in a way that should have versatility. The logo should be adjustable on all the platforms, be it social media, stationary or others. Therefore, our basic logo maker will let you create a layout that will be versatile and flexible.



The typography of a basic logo should be selected carefully. You cannot compromise on the overall visual appeal of your logo. In addition to that, the font style need not be taken for-granted. The font style lets you determine the personality of your brand. It will help you to build a general perception of your brand ideally.

Choose from Hundreds of Ready-Made Templates

We have incorporated hundreds of ready-made templates into our library. You would easily come across your favorite visual emblem design. All the designs are curated by keeping in mind the core aesthetics and all primary principles of the design end. In addition to that, the designing tool also allows you to customize the visual emblem effortlessly. You would be able to curate a basic logo design without getting into any intricacies. The designs are fully editable, and they are fully layered, which means each and every section is completely available to customize.

How We Create Logo Designs for Our Users?

It is surely hard to define the entire process of creating a basic logo design. The graphic designing experts have their own and distinct approach that they utilize for designing a visual emblem. Designs couldn’t be regarded as stupid until or unless they work. We have combined detailed research with analysis and creative ingenuity for delivering exceptional visual assets for our users. There isn’t any doubt that creating a logo design worth memorable is tough, but that is surely the way forward to have a robust brand identity. All of our designs are created after careful and detailed research. You would find all the designs perfectly curated by keeping in mind the basic principles of logo design.


Can I make my basic logo transparent?

The basic logo designs are available in PNG format, which means all the designs are transparent.

What is the best layout for Basic logos?

The best layout for a basic logo depends on your preferences, and it should not be seen from a subjective perspective but rather that from an objective lens..

How do I find the right logo for my business?

We have incorporated hundreds of logo designs into our library. You can choose any one from them and use it as per your preference.

Can I download my Company's logo for free?

Yes, you can download your basic logo design for free. There are no charges at all for using this platform.

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