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We at Design Studio love curating vintage logos with attention to detail. Our premade vintage logo designs are layered and fully editable. The logo creation process, from selecting the template to downloading, is pretty much simple and easy. The retro-style visual emblem is effortless to create with a vintage logo maker. You won't need to be a tech wizard or a designer for the creation of a logo because our tool is intuitive. The logo maker offers you a wide variety of templates to choose from. You can edit and customize as per your needs.

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How to create Vintage Logos from Scratch?

Make a logo in minutes. Just answer a few simple questions about your business and personal style. Our online logo maker will create a logo design that’s right for you.


Select Vintage Logo Template

Firstly, you need to choose a premade template for editing it as per your needs and requirements.


Edit and Customize Vintage Logo

The editing of the selected vintage logo is quite simple. You just have to select the template and start customizing.


Download Customized Vintage Design Logo

At last, you would only have to fetch the finalized version to your device. Then, you would need to click on the 'Download' button to save the edited design in your local storage.


What Makes a Good Logo?



The symbol of a vintage logo needs to be curated carefully. There is a need to be highly focused on getting the right logo symbol. The retro aspect from a vintage logo couldn’t be eliminated. You need to be a bit bold in choosing the right symbol.



The layout of a vintage logo needs to be versatile. It must be adjustable on all the platforms and there shouldn’t be any ambiguity in it. You need to make the layout in a way that it should get adjusted on all the stationeries, social media channels, and other platforms.



The typography of a visual emblem also needs to be selected carefully. You need to choose the fonts that give a retro aspect to your logo. There is a need to be highly focused on typography. All the font styles used in the design templates are chosen carefully.

The Essential Principles For Creating a Vintage Logo?

Making a good logo has always remained an unsolvable riddle. Persona taste sometimes overlaps the aesthetic sense in general. Even amongst professional logo designers, the question of what makes a good vintage logo is unanswerable. In this regard, you would have to adopt an objective perspective by eliminating your personal feelings, opinions, preferences, and other influences. The foremost thing that you need to consider is to observe that your visual emblem has the potential to grab the attention of the audience, and they can remember after having a first glance at it. We're here to accompany you in the entire logo-making process. All of the premade templates are designed by keeping in mind core visual elements that are the basic requirement for the creation of a perfect logo design. When it comes to vintage design logos, you cannot exclude the retro aspect from its core. Most people want to be modern and minimalist when it comes to branding in general and logo designing in particular. However, there's nothing wrong with this approach, but there are cases where it might not be suitable for the industry you are looking to step into. For example, you might be looking ahead to launch a baking brand with old-world methods, or you may specialize in clothing from a certain era. In this regard, vintage logo designing is surely the best approach to go for. The first thing that comes into mind while discussing vintage branding is designing trends from an earlier period. The vintage design logos are made by keeping in mind certain aspects; let's get straight to them.


The technique is used in formal stationery and invitation cards, but its broader aspect can be replicated in the vintage design logo.


Before the inception of modern designing techniques, it was done by hand using markers and paints. These styles are now considered to be obsolete because of the modern design tools available to satisfy the needs of people. The designs created by these techniques weren't precise as it is done by the modern designing tools. There was also a limitation on the usage of color schemes. The sharp edges in those designs weren't clean enough, and solid color blocks of colors come with imperfections. In those times, things were made to last longer. In this regard, these qualities are often associated with positive and memorable emotions. You can recreate the feel of the previous era by using these qualities in your vintage logo. Design Studio's vintage logo maker encompasses templates that are created by using these techniques. In some designs, we have mimicked offset printing quality to make the print dots visible to give a retro touch. In the past, central and symmetrical layouts weren't used widely. Therefore, our designs are created by keeping all the aspects in mind.

Explore Hundreds of Vintage Logo Templates

Depict your brand's personality effortlessly with a custom-designed logo. Our vast collection of logo templates will surely amaze you. Looking for creative retro ideas? There are hundreds of appealing examples carefully designed for our users. You have the freedom to explore the vast collection of logo templates. The diverse catalog of templates and easy-to-use interface allows you to design tailor-made visual emblems without getting you involved in an intricate process. The quality of these design templates is exceptional. You'll receive the downloadable assets in high quality. Try out our designs and make a perfect logo for your brand or business.

Who Needs a Professionally Designed Vintage Logo?


Music streaming platforms, DJs, and other related industries require a vintage logo. It helps you to revive the musical symphonies of an earlier era. In addition, the retro-style logo for this business or niche allows you to let your audience know that you specialized in classical music or that from an earlier era.

Cafe & Restaurant

Looking ahead to give a vintage touch to your café and restaurant? Our vintage logo maker will allow you to create a perfect visual emblem for your brand or business. People are often attracted to things from the past because they have strong memories. No matter how their past has been, it has always been romanticized. Therefore, you can evoke your audience's emotions by creating a retro-style logo for your business or brand.

Interior Design

Suppose you are in to the interior designing business and specialize in giving commercial and residential properties a retro look. In that case, making a vintage logo is surely the best option to go for. You may have the expertise to turn old things into creative and unique items. Art is surely the one to make a hefty chunk of money. You can use a vintage logo to depict your skills in retro-style interior designing.


People love to have drinks in a unique and reliving atmosphere. While having drinks, people love to get nostalgic. A vintage logo for bars will make them feel good. Therefore, it is good to create a visual emblem, which gives a touch from old times.


If you are into the clothing business and designing apparel from an earlier era, creating a vintage style logo is a must. You would be able to let your audience know that you possess some special skills in designing clothes from older times. In this regard, going out for a vintage logo will surely let you develop a strong brand.

Types of Vintage Logos

There are several types of vintage logo designs. We will look at some of them for your clear understanding.


The frame logos come with strongly visible borders and sharp edges. It is among the few retro-style visual emblems. The brands that prevailed in the commercial spectrum in the earlier era were more focused on creating frames.


Previously, stamp style was used to create stunning logos. However, concerning vintage style, the logo with a stamp will surely let your audience know that you are recreating something from the past.


The flourish logo is more about vector art, and it comes with abstract illustrations. With the assistance of this vintage logo maker, you'll be able to create a flourish logo for free without paying any extra charges.


The logo is more about the creation of a visual emblem with hand-style drawings from crayons and other similar materials like paint or marker. It gives a touch of the old-style logo. Therefore, many people prefer to use this visual emblem as their brand identity.


The handwritten logo is also known to be a replication of calligraphy. The logo gives a unique touch to your brand identity. You'll be able to depict your brand personality in a retro style.


Previously, the color scheme wasn't considered an important factor. However, it doesn't mean that colors weren't used tactically. You can use the colors as per your desire, but they must be selected objectively rather than subjectively for your logo.

Make Your Vintage Logo with Just a Few Clicks

We've developed a simple interface for the creation of a vintage logo. You would be able to create an appealing visual emblem within minutes. The logo-making process with Design Studio Logo maker is simple. There isn't any intricate process involved in executing the chore. As a result, you would be able to make a stunning logo without spending much of your time.


What layout works best for vintage logos?

The layout for vintage logos depends on your preference, a solid color block could be used, or if you want to be classier, then an engraved or etching style logo can also be used in this regard.

What text should I choose for my vintage logo?

The text depends on the vision, mission, and core values of your brand. In addition to that, you can simply use your brand's name in your visual emblem..

How do I find the right vintage style logo?

It is quite easy to find the right vintage logo. We've incorporated hundreds of logo design templates. You can use anyone that appeals because they are all designed from an objective standpoint.

How do I add a tagline to my vintage logo?

Our logo maker allows you to simply add a tagline to your vintage logo without any complexity at all. You would have to simply enter the text, and the tagline would be adjusted accordingly.

Can I download my vintage logo instantly?

You can download your vintage-style logo instantly without getting into any intricate process. Then, once the logo design is finalized, it is available to download on the go.

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