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A well-designed heart logo is one, which will let you build a loving and caring brand personality. People love to pursue what catches their heart, and you can add a heart shape icon for developing positive thoughts in the mind of your targeted audience. Now, the Design Studio's logo maker will allow you to select premade free heart shape logo design – edit and download the customized version of your heart logo design.

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How to Create Your Heart Logo Design?

Make a logo in minutes. Just answer a few simple questions about your business and personal style. Our online logo maker will create a logo design that’s right for you.


Choose Logo Design

We have a vast library of premade heart-shaped designs. You can select any one of them for customization.


Edit and Customize logo

The customizing process of a visual emblem is quite easy. Our tool will let you edit the logo's font, color scheme, and background on the go. The logo is fully layered, and every section is completely editable.


Download Heart Shape Logo

We have made the entire process of editing and downloading the visual emblem quite easy. You only need to click on the 'Download' button, and the heart logo will be on your device.


What Makes a Good Heart Logo?



A heart logo will let your audience know that you want to spread love and affection. It will develop a brand personality, which will unconsciously penetrate into the hearts of your audience. You would be able to lay down the basis for a competitive edge against your rivals.



The layout of a logo must be adaptable because it makes the visual emblem flexible for getting it modifiable according to all the platforms. The heart logo will be available to download in all sizes. The process of logo creation on this platform is easy, and there isn't any intricate process involved.



Many people are often reluctant to choose the heart logo for their business because it is quite explicit. However, the explicitness of the logo sometimes is good enough to instantly let your audience know about your mission, vision, and core values. In this regard, typography matters a lot. You need to choose font styles, which must be abstract in their true nature. It gives a sense of a balanced approach.

Symbolic Meaning

The heart symbol is the most popular form of ideograph. The symbol is independent of the languages and merely depends on the graphic representation of ideas. The heart symbol in logos is used for the creation of a metaphorical or symbolic sense. However, the shape is anatomically inaccurate, but it is used to represent the center of emotions like affection and love. In the Indus valley civilization, the heart-shaped sacred fig leaves were used for the artistic depiction. The actual usage of the heart metaphor started in the middle ages. In the 15th century, the symbol was used for the representation of love, and later on, its metaphor spread all around the world. Therefore, the usage of the heart logo makes your audience know that you have loving and caring towards them. It will let you develop a brand personality that will spread affection, warmth, friendliness, and love.

Which Industries Use Heart Shaped Logo?

The hearts logo designs are undoubtedly an excellent choice for businesses and brands involved in any industry. As explained previously, the shape symbolizes charity and love. The shape is also tied to events like Valentine's day. During the Renaissance period, it became a prolific symbol and was widely used in artistic creations. The heart logo has turned out to be a strong symbol for developing a brand identity. The symbol is quite communicative and used by dating applications and more. Many fashion brands also use the logo for their brands. The most popular heart-shaped logo of world-renowned ice cream brand Wall's also used the symbol in their logo. It helped them create a sense of love with their frozen desserts and ice cream products.

How to Choose the Right Colors?

It is quite tricky to choose the right colors for a visual emblem, especially when it comes to a heart logo. Generally, red color is associated with a heart logos, but that would be too obvious, and the audience will assume that you have a brand personality that is a bit aggressive in love and affection. If you want to eliminate that sense from your logo, then going for purple color is the perfect option because it creates a sense of friendliness. Using a purple heart-shaped logo design would be the best option for anyone who wants to build a brand personality and have a friendly relationship with the audience. Colors truly impact our emotions, and they have robust phycology, which influences our ideas, thoughts, and how we perceive the world. Therefore, choosing the right color for your heart logos is necessary to consider.

Create an Iconic Black Heart Logo with Design Studio

The Design Studio is here to create an iconic black heart logo for you on the go. The designing process is quite simple, and there aren't any intricacies involved in the creation of your desired heart shape logo. The advanced interface with the blend of creativity will let your visual emblem appeal to others.


What design elements are important in a Hearts logo?

There are several elements that need to be considered while designing the heart logo. First, you need to consider the symbol, layout, and typography of a visual emblem.

Is a Heart logo's PNG preferable over other file types?

The PNG is preferable because it comes in high-quality. In addition,the format is transparent and can be adjusted on any background..

Where can I find the best heart beat logo ideas?

We at Design Studio have created multiple heart beat logo ideas for our users. So you can get inspiration for designing your desirable visual emblem.

Where can I get free Heart logo designs?

You can get a free heart logo design at Design Studio. We offer all the designs for free, and there aren't any strings attached.

What Are the Top Colors for A Heart Logo Design?

It depends on your business's vision, mission, and core values. For example, if your business wants to convey a strong sense of aggression and robustness, then the red heart logo will be suitable. On the other hand, the purple color gives a sense of friendship.

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