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Starting a culinary career with a perfectly designed cooking logo is surely the way forward to portray your skills. Besides, there are a copious amount of fonts, icons, and dedicated shapes for giving you a whole next level of customization experience—the creation of kitchen logo design with our premade templates is much easier than you think. Try our free logo maker to start your designing journey.

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How to Create a Cooking Logo from Scratch?

Make a logo in minutes. Just answer a few simple questions about your business and personal style. Our online logo maker will create a logo design that’s right for you.


Choose a Logo Design

Our vast library of premade logo designs allows you to choose your desirable template on the go for customization and editing purpose.


Customize Template

The customization process comes without any convoluted process involved. You’d be able to completely edit the visual emblem with a simple interface. All the logo designs are layered, and every single element is editable.



The process of downloading the cooking logo is quite easy. You would only need to click on the “Download” button for fetching the edited design right into your device.


What makes a Good Cooking Logo?



The creativity aspect could never be eliminated from the core of the cooking logo. Therefore, the symbol of your visual emblem holds immense importance. You can use various symbols for making your logo look stunning. In addition, the broadness of this business can let you use several symbols for building up a strong brand.



Whether you are going to launch a restaurant, training classes for cooking, or a culinary channel on YouTube, the platforms offer you to create a logo easily. The design created by this logo maker will be unique and flexible. You would be able to adjust on any medium or channel for portraying your cooking skills.



The typography of a logo could never be taken for granted. It let the audience know how you want to communicate with them. The impression of your brand is developed with the right typography. If you are into fast food, then a funky-looking font style could be the one to go for. However, if you are offering something related to classical dishes of any region and it is all about fine dine, then a more formal logo is the option to opt for.

Choose from Hundreds of Ready-Made Cooking Logos

Making a cooking logo with an online logo maker is easy because it comes with a simple interface. You can create a cooking logo by adding up your company name. We have incorporated hundreds of recipe logo designs for our users. The premade design templates are fully customizable and layered. The vast collection of designs available will provide you with the opportunity to choose your desired template. The simplified interface lets you design a brand logo. You’ll be able to come up with a scalable design asset for your brand. We’ve added everything to empower you to tell your brand story. We’re here to simplify your marketing efforts with an intuitive tool.

Get the Perfect Customized Logo for Free

There isn’t any doubt that hiring a designer for designing a visual emblem is expensive. Along with that, the process also requires additional time for completing the visual emblem. In contrast, the online cooking logo maker allows you to create a stunning visual emblem instantly for you. The easy-to-use and simple interface let you edit and customize the logo instantly. We’ve developed a strong designing and editing tool for our users. You would have full control over the customization process.

Which Industries Are in Need of Cooking Logo?

Several industries are in need of a cooking logo, from restaurants to food outlets, online cooking channels, cooking classes, and more. The logo will enable them to depict their culinary mastery skills to the audience. The more attractive the logo is, the more are the chances that the targeted audience will be attracted to your brand.


Can I make a cooking logo for a YouTube channel?

We offer a wide variety of cooking/recipes logo designs. In addition, you can choose from our vast library of premade templates and use them for your YouTube channel.

Do I get a transparent version of my recipe logo?

We provide cooking logo PNG files in the downloadable assets. Therefore, you will be able to get a transparent version of the logo..

What layout works best for cooking logos?

A flexible layout works best for a cook logo. You would be able to adjust your visual emblem on any given platform.

What text should I choose for my Recipes logo?

You can choose the text as per your company’s name and vision. The typography of the recipes logo should also be selected as per your brand’s personality.

How do I find the right recipe logo?

We have a vast library of recipe logos on our platform. You can choose any one of them for editing and customizing.

How do I add a tagline to my cooking logo?

We’re providing a highly advanced logo customizing tool for our users. For example, you would be able to easily add a tagline to your cook logo.

Can I download my logo instantly?

Yes, you can download your logo easily without getting into any intricate process. By clicking on the “Download” button, you will be able to fetch the logo design directly to your device.

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