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Try our proven resume templates free to land your desired job on the go. Now, there’s no need to get yourself involved in any complex resume writing process. We’re here to assist by providing professional resumes templates to make you stand out from others. Make your CV easily with our resume builder with downloadable free resume templates.

What Kind of Resume Can I Choose from?

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Edit, Customize, & Download your Resume for Free

The ready-made resume templates provided on Design Studio have made the resume designing process easier for everyone. Simply follow the instructions given below to make your own resume.


Select the Resume Template Free

First things first, you need to select your desirable resume template for customization.


Edit and Customize

Afterward, you would have to add your details like work, experience, academic background, and more to your resume by editing and customizing the template.


Download Resume Template

We’re offering downloadable free resume templates; you will need to download the customized template by clicking on the “Download” button.

How to Choose the Right Resume Template?

Picking up the right and simple resume template is surely a bit tricky. You would need professional help in coming up with a resume that can considerably impact your job search. So, we’ve added resume templates free sources to our library for your ease. There are mainly three resume formats; let’s get to know each one of them one by one.


The functional resume is based upon the skill set you possess. However, it is the least popular format and is less used by people who are into the job hunt. In addition to that, the format’s uniqueness is hidden in its layout because it focuses more on your skills rather than work experience. Therefore, we’ve also incorporated this layout into our template library.


It is one of the most popular formats among job hunters. The format lays out your skills and work experience in reverse chronological order. It is also known to be the most practical format.

Combination or Hybrid

The format is a perfect combination of the rest of the two. It outlines your skills and work experience in a balanced way. The format is generally used by all job hunters because it is also known as the multipurpose resume format.

Our Resume Templates Are Crazily Effective and 100% Free

Free CV templates available on design studio will enable you to start living a life you’ve imagined by landing your dream job. The voyage of job hunting isn’t easy but requires considerable efforts to discover and land great opportunities. The free word resume templates will also let you build a door of opportunities. You need to let the employers know about your potential. You can astound employers with the best resume templates for free. The job-hunting process is surely frustrating, and the feelings of insecurity may make you skeptical about finding the perfect option. Brush your worries away; we’re here to assist you in making a CV, which will fetch opportunities at your threshold.

Choose the Best Design and Fonts for Your Resume

Choose professional, modern, infographic, and corporate layouts for your resume. There are multiple free resume formats available for you. The resume templates free are highly editable and customizable. You can easily change the colors, background, fonts, and more on the go. Furthermore, the format can easily be altered to any format, be it reverse chronological, functional, or a combination of both. In addition to that, the fonts of a perfect resume also need to be selected carefully. There are hundreds of fonts available, and choosing the right one isn’t an easy chore. Employers usually skim the resumes in 20 to 30 seconds. Along with that, the employers and recruiters also need to go through a constant flow of CVs. In this regard, it becomes essential to select the font, which is readable and will make a good impression on them. Therefore, choosing a professional font will increase the readability of the font and provide the option to make it to the top of the pile.

Best Free Resume Templates for Every Possible Career

Whether you’re an IT professional or banker looking for a perfect resume template, we’ve got you by offering templates for every possible career. All of the templates available on this platform are designed in a way that they can be used for any career. The design layouts are multipurpose, versatile, and adaptable. The ready-made content will let you come up with a resume in a few minutes. Our job-winning templates are designed as per the set standards of every industry. In addition to that, the templates are also field-tested, and you’ll land your desired job.

What is the Best Resume Template?

The best resume template is the one that elaborates your academic career, work experience, and skill set in detail. All of our resume templates come with unique but industry-accepted layouts. They are simple yet versatile and satisfy the needs of everyone. The resume templates available on this platform are fully layered, and each and every section is editable. The best resume templates come with all the features that you are in need of.

Why Use Our Resume Templates?

We have developed an easy-to-use and simple resume maker for our users. You would be able to save your precious time drafting cv. In addition to that, the designs are also appealing and attractive. We’ve created the designs in a way that it has become ATS friendly and directly lands into the mailing inbox of recruiters and employers. Along with that, the designs are also easy to edit, customize and download. The design should be highly attractive. The design of a resume varies significantly. You can either select a one-page resume or multiple ones. All the resume designs are available on our tool, and you can opt for any one of them as per your needs.


The best part of using this online resume builder is that you won’t have to spend your precious time creating the layout. Instead, the premade templates will enable you to edit and customize it on the go without letting you get into any intricate process.

Best Designs

We’ve added one of the best templates for resumes. The designs are visually pleasing and likable. However, professional integrity is intact. The header of a resume is critical, but it doesn’t mean that rest of the content could be taken for granted. Recruiters and employers judge your personality and skill set with the overall appearance of your resume.


It is highly convenient to use our resume builder. There aren’t any intricate or complex processes involved in editing a template. You will feel at ease with the assistance of our advanced cv maker. The interface is simple, and there are no aggravations at all.

ATS Friendly

All of our designs can easily parse the applicant tracking system with ease. We’ve only created designs, which could be regarded as ATS compliant. In addition to that, the format is simple and quite easy to scan. Along with that, the ATS friendly CV also contains keywords that match with the job description so that the recruiters and employers can easily get access to your resume.

Importance of ATS-Friendly Resume Templates

Everyone who is in search of a job wants to beat the applicant tracking system. No one would ever want their resume to be lost in the black hole. The Applicant Tracking System allows the recruiters to scan and skim a large number of resumes with a human resource handling software program. They use the system for a well-matched resource, which could prove to be a perfect fit for the job. Our designs are ATS friendly, and your CV will surely be noticed by the recruiters on the go. Therefore, your resumes must be ATS friendly.

What Resume is Templates ATS-friendly?

You would have to weigh a number of factors before going for a resume template. First, the job seekers are in need to make their resumes friendly with the applicant tracking system. Most of the ATS applications aren’t good at handling visuals and infographics. They are not able to read and comprehend the data of visuals. In this regard, correctly laying out the work experience to parse the ATS accurately is necessary. All the templates available on this platform are tested on popular applicant tracking systems. Along with that, the additional relevant keywords, which match the job description is also highly essential.

Frequently Asked Questions

You might have questions related to creating a perfect resume that can capture the hiring manager’s attention. Therefore, we have compiled the frequently asked questions which can resolve users’ queries.

How do I use resume templates for free?

It is quite easy to use a free resume template. You won’t have to get yourself into any intricate process. The simple interface allows you to select, edit and download customized resume templates for free.

Is it bad to use a free resume template?

It is surely not a bad option to use a resume template for free. However, if you have the option to access a perfect design of your resume without paying charges, then there is no need to spend money at all.

Which resume template is best for me?

It depends on your field; if you are in an artistic field like graphic designing, then a creative layout would be perfect for you. On the other hand, if you are a banker, then a professional resume will work for you in this regard.

Do Employers really care about resume pages?

It depends on the recruiters. Some employers and recruiters highly care about the resume pages. However, over here, you also need to look into the field you are applying for the job for.

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