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Explore the best resume templates on DesignStudio by SmallSEOTools. Our free resume templates are readily available and categorized in multiple categories. The users are allowed to access all of the downloadable free resume templates from any category and select a resume that can help them get their desired job easily. After choosing a resume template, edit it as per your requirements and fill in essential details. Now you can make a professional resume in a matter of a few minutes with the assistance of our free templates.


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Simple Resumes

A simple resume might seem unattractive, but it tends to get you a job in the shortest period of time. Many hiring managers admire simple resumes, as they are precise and neat. You can outline your special skills, education, and experience in any of the basic resumes given below. Download any simple resume template free.


How to Make a Resume?

The ready-made resume templates provided on our resume builder have made the resume designing process easier for everyone. Follow the instructions given below to make your own resume.


Select a resume from the wide range of templates provided in multiple categories to kick start your resume designing process.


After selecting a template, add your personal details in the given spaces. You can enter your professional experience, education, contact information, skills, etc.

Download & Apply

In a single click on the download button, your resume will be saved on your device. You can save it in PNG, JPG, or PDF format.

Frequently Asked Questions

You might have questions related to creating a perfect resume that can capture the hiring manager’s attention. Therefore, we have compiled the frequently asked questions which can resolve users’ queries.

What’s the Best Resume Template?

No resume template can be termed best as a single template cannot fit everyone’s needs. Different types of templates can bring outstanding results for job hunters. Our resume templates have been carefully created by professionals to meet the needs of job applicants from beginner to experienced level.

Are These Free Resume Templates?

Yes! All of these resume templates are free of cost. You don’t have to worry about paying a penny for using templates from any category.

Why Should I Use a Resume Template?

Using a resume template is an easy way to portray your career’s summary without creating any nuisance. The attractive designs of templates have the capability to catch the recruiter’s attention among a pool of hundreds of applications. You can present all important information in an organized form with the help of a resume template.

Can I Download the Resume Template in PDF?

Yes! All of the templates are downloadable resume templates, The resume builder allows you to download the resume template in PDF format. A single click on the download button will allow you to save the resume on your device instantaneously. Besides PDF, you are also given the option to save the resume template in PNG and JPG formats.

How Should a Resume Look in 2021?

Your resume design must not distract the viewer from the core aim, i.e., the value you can provide to their company. In 2021, your resume should stay simple and relevant. The details that might confuse the recruiter shouldn’t be included.

How Do I Format My Resume?

Chronological Resume

If you have opted for this resume format, put in your most recent work experience at the top. It’s the most widely used format by a majority of job hunters.

Functional Resume

The job seekers willing to emphasize a specific skill can use the functional resume format. It mainly focuses on the skills and abilities and works best for those who have gaps in their employment history.

Combination Resume

Combination resume format combines the functional and chronological resume formats to portray your skills and work experience.

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