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High school resume templates are designed to help students get into their dream university, achieve a scholarship, or step into the professional field. A high school resume template is what you need to get a head start while hunting for a job.


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High School Resume Template

As a student, you might think that what’s the need for creating a resume when all you want is to get a part-time job that can be managed alongside studies. You should know that whatever the job demands, you cannot just show up in front of the recruiter and ask to give you a part-time position in their workplace. The high school resume templates have been presented to the students to help them outline their achievements, goals, and experience in the best shape.


We have compiled the best high school resume templates with special care to help students show off their attributes on a piece of paper. If you are applying for a job, you need to convince the employer by giving him/her an idea about the qualities you have and why they should hire you in the first place. A high school graduate might lack experience, but high school resume templates help you focus on your extracurricular activities, education, and skills to craft a strong resume.

What to Include in a High School Student Resume?

Besides lacking professional work experience, there are still plenty of things that can be included in a high school student resume template. You’ll be amazed to find out how you fill out the white even with the things you weren’t counting on. Let’s delve into the things that can be discussed in high school resumes.

Informal Work:

Whether you’ve done volunteering, worked as a babysitter, pet caretaker, or anything else that has helped your money, it can be included in a high school resumes. The work experience for students isn’t supposed to be in well-known companies, as these types of work can also speak on your behalf and help the recruiter understand your ability to work.


In high school resumes, you must focus on detailing the lists of achievements you have in your high school career. This list will catch the attention of employers, as they are always looking forward to hiring those individuals who have the ability to generate results or positive outcomes. The achievements in academics, sports, clubs, etc., can be included in a high school resume.


Education is the most critical element of a high school student resume. You can emphasize your education by giving brief details about your major subjects, grades, and GPA. Don’t forget to mention to awards or certificates you have received in your high school career.

What to Avoid In A High School Resume?

Whenever it comes to getting the job we want, the resume is the first thing we need. If you want to persuade the hiring manager, you have to make sure that you haven’t made any mistakes while creating a resume. As a student, you are more prone to making errors; therefore, go through the things discussed below and avoid them in your high school resume.

False Information:

It’s understandable that the need for getting a job makes us so desperate that we write down wrong information in order to impress the hiring manager. That’s not the way you should be following to get a job. Your resume should reflect what you actually are and what you have done or achieved in your career so far. Therefore, it’s essential not to lie and provide information that doesn’t match your attitude.


It’s correct that you should feed the reader with as much relevant information as you can, but it doesn’t mean to increase the length or fill up the white space unnecessarily. Your resume should contain brief sentences, mainly in the form of bullet points.

Grammatical Mistakes:

Even a single grammatical mistake in your resume will turn out to be a disaster as the chances of getting hired will fall to zero. Your image will deteriorate in the eyes of employers, and they won’t give it a further read. Therefore, it’s essential to proofread your final draft a couple of times before sending it out.

When to Choose High Schooler Resume Templates?

What’s the point of creating a resume when you are still in high school? Well, the resume isn’t always supposed to be created for getting a job. You can use the well-crafted high school resume templates for a number of reasons.

You can choose a high school resume template while applying for admission at your favorite university. The high school resume will help you get into a college just like a college application. You can also create a high school resume in order to gain a scholarship. A high school resume template will help you emphasize your education and achievements. The information you’ll put into a high school resume can help become the center of attention and earn you admission with a scholarship.

The high school resume templates can also be used by individuals looking forward to applying for part-time jobs. The companies are always interested in hiring students who reflect professionalism. A high school resume template will present you as a proficient candidate in front of hiring managers.

High School Resume Writing Tips

When it comes to creating a high school resume, you need to follow certain tips for getting your dream job. We have discussed the high school resume writing tips below to make things easier for you.

Make a Connection:

As a student, you might not have already worked at the position you’re applying for. But your skills can still convince the recruiter only if you know how to build a story and explain how effective you can be for their company.

Use Action Words:

Instead of repeating the same pronouns, focus on using the action words, which will help you in providing a lot of information in a dynamic way. Instead of writing long and boring sentences, you can create short phrases with the help of action words.


The skills you possess will work as the most effective factor in getting you the job. As a student, you would have multiple skills related to the job you’re applying for. They must be included in the form of bullet points.

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