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Importance of Professional Resume Template

An appropriate impression is a crucial element when you are going for an interview, as the employer usually makes his/her decision with the first impression. While talking about the first impression at an interview, your resume is the most critical thing that plays a vital role in impressing your interviewers and makes you prominent among other candidates.


If you believe that resume is just a document or a piece of paper, then you may not have an appropriate understanding of its significance. A resume includes your educational background, your professional journey, and provides the slightest knowledge about your personality as well. A professional interviewer uses your resume to evaluate your skills and how you can contribute to their company’s success. If you are not familiar with the rules of creating a professional resume design, then you don’t need to get worried. You can use an online professional resume template. An online facility will provide you with a chance to design unlimited resumes without making any hard efforts.

What To Include In A Professional Resume?

Your resume highlights your academic qualifications, professional experience, skills, and hobbies. That’s why your resume must have a glimpse of all the vital information related to you.

Your resume must include:

Personal information

Your resume should have your name, phone number, and email address. You can also include your picture or any linked social media accounts in your resume.

Summary or objective

Your resume must have a summary of one or two lines that defines who you are and what you have achieved in your life so far. There is the slightest difference between resume summary and objectives, and you can choose any of them to include in your resume as per your requirements. A resume summary defines your work experience, while a resume objective will explain your short/long term goals.

Academic Qualification

Another thing that must be presented to the interviewer is your academic qualification. A professional resume won’t be complete if it doesn’t include academic qualifications.

Experience Section

While talking about professional resumes, the portion having work experience mostly grabs most of the interviewers’ attention. They evaluate a person’s skills through this section and decide to accept or reject a candidate based on his/her professional experience. So, it is inevitable for you to pay vital attention while inserting professional experience in your resume.

Key Elements of Professional Resume Template

A meaningful and well-structured resume always has the following elements.

  • Accurate personal information
  • Objective/ Summary
  • Educational background
  • Work experience
  • Awards and certifications
  • Activities and hobbies
  • Additional skills

What To Avoid in A Professional Resumes?

As mentioned earlier, your resume reflects your personality and your professional excellence, so it shouldn’t contain anything that may give any negative impression to the interviewer. The following things can harm the effectiveness of your resume and should be avoided while creating a resume for yourself.

Clustered text

A resume is a document that contains all the crucial information about you. But, it doesn’t mean that you include lengthy and unnecessary text in your resume. Some people believe that the more the text, the better resume would appear. However, it’s completely false. Your resume should only include vital and required information. Also, don’t use yellow or red color to highlight your text, as it will make your resume complex and ambiguous.

Irrelevant data

Adding up information that is not relevant to the post for which you are applying will give your resume a non-professional look. That’s why it is suggested to insert only the relevant and precise information in your resume to increase the readability of the interviewer.

Monitorial details

If you think what shouldn’t be included in your resume, mark this point first: never add salary-related information. Undoubtedly, the primary purpose of making a professional resume is to get a job. But, it’s not essential to mention the expected or the previous salary in written form. The monitorial affairs are always discussed in interviews, as they are negotiable and shouldn’t be included in the resume.

When To Choose Professional Resume Templates?

The conventional method of making a resume was challenging when you were required to take help from professionals. Also, you needed some special applications to make a professional resume. Both of the methods required a huge time and effort. But, with our free professional resume templates, you can design an appealing and meaningful resume within no time. Some of the main reasons for using professional resume templates are discussed below.

Shortage of time:

You don’t need to make any hard effort for designing a resume from scratch, as well-designed templates will allow you to make required changes in the built-in layout. You can simply edit the template as per your requirements and get a professional resume in a matter of a few minutes.

Resources are limited:

Another big reason for using resume templates is limited resources. If you are a fresh graduate, then you may don’t have enough money to pay professionals for getting assistance in designing a resume. But, with free professional resume templates, you can make a resume without wasting a penny.

Professional Resume Writing Tips

However, choose a use professional resume format and fill it with your information using our tips. The following tips will provide you great assistance in creating an impactful resume.

  • Use appropriate keywords to target a specific job.
  • Try to write in an active tone, as it will increase the readability and make your information easy to understand.
  • It is suggested to choose any standard resume design pattern, like the Oxford pattern, or New York Times design, etc.
  • Your contact information should be clear and prominent.
  • Add subheadings or information that is relevant and required.
  • Write an educational background in reverse chronological form.
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