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Business & Corporate Resume Templates

The corporate resume templates have been carefully designed to make the resumes reflect the professionalism of the candidates.


A corporate resume template will allow you to become the center of attention during the recruiting process in the corporate sector.

How Important is the Corporate Resume Template for Professionals?

The corporate resume template is extremely important for professionals as they contain the power to grasp the attention of hiring managers. The candidates who are working in the corporate environment can find corporate resume templates as a useful tool while applying for a job. The basic purpose of a corporate resume is to help the job seekers looking forward to taking the next step in their careers by applying for an advanced position after gaining sufficient experience.

A corporate or business resume templates become fruitful for professionals as it adds a professional touch and gives the perfect tone to the final resume. The business resumes are admired by hiring managers, and they have the ability to grab their attention at a first glimpse. Therefore, the importance of corporate resume templates for professionals cannot be denied as they can get their dream jobs in the corporate sector.

What to Include in your Business Resumes?

While creating a company resume, you need to focus on multiple things to make room for yourself in the competitive marketplace. The hiring managers in the business field receive hundreds of resumes for each job opening. Hence, your aim should be to stand out in the crowd, and the first step on the ladder is to come up with a professional business resume template. Let’s discuss the elements that should be part of your corporate resume.

Professional Summary:

A brief introduction of what you have done in the professional field is what you need to begin with a corporate resume. This section discusses your experience alongside the value you have given to the companies you have worked with. Before jumping on to the work experience section, most of the employers go through the summary to make up their mind about giving it a further read.


The skills could vary from job to job in the business field. Therefore, your next focus should be on listing down the skills that define you as the best fit for any specific position. This section is often taken as lightly by job hunters, but it has great value in your corporate resume. Without mentioning skills, your resume would be incomplete.

Work Experience:

The work experience should be listed down in reverse chronological order, starting from your most recent job. It’s essential to write the company’s name and your job title over there. Besides this, you must include the roles you have had in those companies. The corporate resume has to contain a lot of information, but each point should be discussed briefly and precisely.


Your educational accomplishments will also speak on your behalf and make the recruiters interested in hiring you. Hence, this section should be dealt with extra as you cannot add irrelevant information, and you also cannot leave it blank by just mentioning the institute names.

What are the Most Important Parts of a Corporate Resume Template?

A company resume template consists of several parts. Each part has its own importance, and none of it can be left out if you don’t want to miss the chance of getting a call for an interview. Above all, content is the most important part of a corporate resume. Without engaging and persuasive content, your chances of getting hired are equal to none. Therefore, a candidate should focus on creating content that will be admired by the hiring managers.

Relevancy is the next essential element of a corporate resume. It’s not about filling up the white place with unnecessary or irrelevant information because that will just irritate the employer. Your entire focus should be on providing valuable information to the recruiter that will be worth reading. Instead of praising yourself unnecessarily, emphasize your prominent accomplishments that will help the hiring manager understand your worth in the corporate environment.

Corporate and Business Resume Writing Tips

We have discussed how and what should be included in a corporate resume. But knowing that is not enough until you know the tips for formatting business resumes. The tips for writing a perfect business resumes are as follows.

Colorful Header:

The header of your resume must display your name and the job title clearly. It will give a clear picture to the recruiter about who you are and which position you are applying for. You don’t have to leave the reader in a guessing game, as everything needs to be clear in a corporate resume.

Font size:

The font size you are using has to remain consistent. Consistency doesn’t mean that all headings and information should be written in the same size. It means that use the same size for content and the same size for headings and sub-headings throughout the resume.


Whether you are using bold, italics, or underlining style, keep formatting the same. As a professional, you need to stick with one style in the entire corporate resume.

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