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The infographics resume templates are here to assist you in showcasing your skills and work experience with the visuals on your resume. An eye-catching infographic resume template can help you in taking your job hunting game to the next level.


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What is an Infographic Resume?

Infographic resumes are the modern form of resumes that elaborates on a person’s qualifications with the help of images. An infographic resume template on our resume builder is incorporated with several types of visuals, including profile photos, timelines, and icons. While you are hunting for a job with a resume, you are actually marketing yourself to sell your skills and portray your work experience. Hence, a resume is considered a marketing tool, and in the marketing spectrum, visuals tend to produce better outcomes; that’s why infographics are becoming quite popular.


An infographic resume can work as a game-changer for job seekers as it will have the capacity to grab the attention of the recruiter among the pool of hundreds of applicants. The primary reason behind creating an infographic resume is to engage the hiring manager without sounding dull like it happens with conventional resumes. However, it doesn’t mean that infographic resume templates will work for all positions and the traditional resumes are completely useless.

How to Include Skills and Work Experience in an Infographic Resume?

If you have designed or work on a simple resume, you would know that they have a specific format that starts from contact information and ends up in the skills section. An infographic resume can be based on the same format, but each section needs to be segregated from one another to give it a pleasing look. You might be wondering how to showcase your skills and work experience in an infographic resume. For getting a quick overview, you can turn to the free infographic resume templates on our resume builder to figure out the best way to portray skills and work experience.

You can use intervened circles like a Venn Diagram to present the skills you have. This might make the recruiter interested in calling you for an interview as he/she can easily assess the value you can bring to the company. On the other hand, the employment history can be presented with the assistance of timelines to let the recruiter know how long you have stayed in each company you have worked with.

Key Elements of Infographic Resume Templates

On our online resume builder tool, you can find multiple free infographic resume templates that are incorporated with the elements that can easily catch the employer’s attention and help you in getting hired. Our infographic resume template consists of the following key elements.


The graphs are used in the infographic resume to display the work experience. Instead of writing dates, the graphs can be utilized for letting the recruiter know how many years you have worked in a familiar field.


In an infographic resume, the shapes can be used as icons for each section. This can give a unique touch to your resume and help you stand out from the crowd.


Your photo is a vital feature of an infographic resume. The infographic resume templates come with a separate section for a photo and let you adjust the desired picture as per your requirements.

How To Create An Attractive Graphic Resume?

Before proceeding to the process of creating an attractive infographic resume, it’s essential to check the company where you are applying for a job. Many companies might give priority to infographic resumes, but some might be looking for conventional resumes over modern ones. Therefore, it’s essential to know what your potential employers would admire more.

After making your mind to use an infographic resume, you have to understand that an infographic resume is a lot more than a mixture of colors and utilizing shapes. It’s crucial to follow the design principles for getting your hands on an attractive infographic resume. A designer can easily interpret and implement the best principles for design an infographic resume. The people who don’t have extensive knowledge about designing can turn to our resume and easily pick one of its best graphical resume templates.

Infographic Resume Design, Format, And Layout

One of the essential design guidelines for creating an attractive infographic resume is making the design simple, not messy. The use of visuals doesn’t mean to fill a resume with colorful shapes as they will give a childish appearance and get rejected immediately. The infographics must be streamlined in your resume, and their size should be equal.

While formatting an infographic resume, use the colors that match the color scheme of the resume’s background. It’s advised to use a light color for the background, and different tones of the same color can be used in different sections of the resume. The point of designing an infographic resume is to present your skills in an aesthetically pleasing way. Therefore, cool graphics should be used to highlight the crucial aspects of your career.

The layout of an infographic resume would be different from the simple resume layout. The layout involves the photo and contact information in the portion on the left side. The right side contains career objective, education, visuals for skills, and work experience.

When To Choose Infographic Resume Templates?

Unfortunately, infographic resume templates aren’t meant for every professional field. The professions with physical or labor efforts usually demand a simple resume format. The graphic resume templates can work best for creative fields like graphic designing, content writing, web designing, and video production.

You can choose to present an infographic resume at an in-person networking event. Here, the recruiters might not be able to go through the textual content and understand your worth. However, the visual information would be easy and quick to go through and might result in catching the recruiter’s attention.

The Difference Between Infographics Resume Template & Conventional Template

The major difference between these two types of resume formats is that the infographic resume templates contain visuals to represent your skills while the conventional templates are entirely text-based. There’s no involvement of images in a conventional template as it just involves textual information. The infographic resume also contains text, but there’s no sign of visuals in a traditional resume. The color scheme of the conventional resume is more likely to be black and white. However, different colors are used in infographic resumes.

The difference between these two resume types also come in their layouts. The traditional resumes are based on a simple layout that starts from contact information and then includes career objective, work experience, education, and skills. On the other hand, the layout of infographics is entirely different, as it incorporates shapes, graphs, and pictures.

Importance of Visual Information Over Text

The visual information is far easier to grasp for the readers instead of reading the list of facts. Our brains can remember more from what we see as compared to the text that we read. That’s the primary benefit of using visuals instead of text. Besides this reason, the textual content can consume several minutes of the recruiter; however, the visuals just take a couple of seconds. When it comes to the mindset of recruiters and the whole hiring process, the text is often skimmed, and the most important skill written in a resume might get overlooked. This problem isn’t faced by the candidates who create an infographic resume, as the skills are presented in the form of shapes or graphs.

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