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Writing your first resume is a challenging task. The following college resume templates from the 15+ categories will help students and fresh graduates design an appealing and unavoidable resume.


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College Resume Templates For Students and Graduates

Stepping up into the professional world as a fresh graduate isn’t an easy thing. You may have hundreds of options, and the path to get a dream job might be confusing. You don’t need to feel nervous as we are providing you with a utility that will boost your confidence before starting your professional journey. This collection of college resume templates will help you make a resume for yourself that can instantly impress your interviewers. It is undoubtedly a rare chance to land your dream job on the first attempt, but the chances of reaching there increase with carrying an impressive resume in your bag.


This college student resume template and sample sentences are presented to help creative, passionate, and ambitious college students launch a career without wasting any time.

The resume templates for college students will:

  • Assist in creating a captivating college student resume that counters your less experience with an excellent professional image.
  • Create a resume that will be engaging and a joy to go through.
  • Enable you to outshine your competition by standing out from your mates.
  • Get a chance to appear in an interview with the leading and top-level companies.

This set of college resume templates will also describe to you which sections and parts need to be included in your resume and how to add them appropriately to your resume. The whole process will make your resume outshine other employers and generate the best rewards.

What To Include In Your College Resume?

Adding the right information to your resume is the key to make it meaningful, but it doesn’t mean that you include irrelevant or unnecessary information in your resume just to make it lengthy. The following things should be included in your resume.


This section usually lies at the top of the resume and includes some free-form writing that may describe your personality and character. This part of your resume is very critical as it will stand you out from your college mates and assist you in catching your recruiters’ attention.

Academic section

Whether you are applying for an internship or a full-time job, your interviewers or employers are keen to know your educational background. If you are a fresh graduate, then you can consider this portion as your academic version of work experience that strengthens your image. The college resume templates on this platform will help you in mentioning your educational background adequately.


This section can hold all the experience you have while completing your degree. That can include an internship, any part-time job, or affiliation with some company to complete a specific project.


Even if you are a college student, choosing the correct skills for a resume is a crucial task. You cannot include a vast list of activities as your skills, as it will provide nothing but a negative impact on your interviewers. It is suggested to shortlist the skills that you are mastering and mention only those in your resume.

What Mistakes To Avoid In College Resumes?

There are some common mistakes that can give a negative impression to your employer and lose its credibility. These mistakes should be avoided to get maximum advantages from your resume.

Wrong information

It is highly suggested that you never use any misleading or wrong information in your resume in any case. The ambiguous data on your resume will reduce the worth of your CV but also make you a suspicious candidate.

Grammatical Errors

Misspelled words or grammatical errors are also a serious problem that can affect the performance of your resume. Moreover, a resume with a grammar mistake may get considered trash. In this competitive world, professionalism is required everywhere, and if your resume doesn’t describe it, then the chances of getting a job would become extremely low. Proofreading your resume before publishing it may help you in avoiding this problem.

Make it lengthy unnecessarily.

The interviewer may not have enough time to go through your resume completely, as he/she has many options to pick. That’s why it is essential to understand here that making your resume lengthy with unrequired information may throw you out of the competition. Add only vital and required information to your resume.

How To Choose College Resume Template?

The selection of a resume template is a critical process that needs your appropriate concentration. The resume templates for college students provided on this site will enable you to choose a template that can fulfill your requirements. You can get a vast number of resume templates on this platform that gives you an opportunity to make a resume without making any manual effort. This collection includes resume templates for more than 15 categories that enable you to pick one according to your need. Each category has a plethora of well-designed templates that can be used to make a catchy resume instantaneously.

College Student Resume Writing Tips

How to write a resume for colleges? The following tips by professionals will be a great increment for having the required knowledge to write resumes for college students.

  • Mention your accurate contact information prominently. Your contact detail should include your residential address, mobile number, email. You can also include social media IDs like Facebook, Twitter in your college student resumes.
  • Include your accurate personal, educational information at the top of your resume.
  • Use a design from college resume templates for students to reduce the required time and effort for making a resume.
  • Add your interests and hobbies to your college graduate resume template.
  • Last but not least, proofread your resume many times before taking print outs.
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