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These free simple resume templates can help you design a resume that focuses on letting the recruiter know about your skills and experience. A simple and basic resume helps the hiring managers in determining how you are the perfect match for the position they are offering.


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What Are Basic And Simple Resume Templates?

The simple and basic resume templates are the collection of clear and uncluttered resumes that emphasize presenting the qualifications and experience of a candidate instead of focusing on the styling. The simple style and structure of these resumes aim to make the recruiter easily go through the important aspects of a candidate’s work experience.


The simple resume templates are based on a simple and consistent design with relevant information to the position you are applying for. The basic resume format works well and helps you get selected for a variety of job titles. Hiring managers across many fields prefer simple resume design, as it helps them to easily view and assess the qualifications of a candidate.

What Should be on a Simple Resume?

The primary objective of creating a simple resume is to satisfy the employer by giving him/her an in-depth look at your qualifications with a neat design. Therefore, it’s essential to cover all of the important elements that can persuade the recruiter on hiring you in a simple or basic resume design. Some of the elements that you must include while building a simple resume are discussed below.

Contact Information:

Starting with the basics, your simple resume should start with the contact information to let the hiring manager know who you are, where you are from, your phone number, and your email address.

Career Objective or Summary:

Beside or after listing down your contact information, the next thing to include on a simple resume is the career objective or summary. It should be a brief summary of the position you are applying for, your relevant work experience, and the key roles you recently have had related to that position.

Work Experience:

After discussing the objective part, your resume should have a work experience section where you must include all the experience you have relevant to the position you are applying for. Underneath each experience, you are mentioning, list down the role and responsibilities you have had in detail.


Some job positions ask you to have a certain level of qualification that can be discussed in this section. You can demonstrate the educational experience you have by writing the name of the institute, the degree you have earned, and the year when you passed out.


Like work experience, the skills of an employee also play an essential role in a simple resume. The skills can help the recruiter understand that whether or not you have the ability to perform the role effectively. It can include both hard and soft skills.

What to Avoid in a Simple Resume?

Besides looking at the elements that must be included in a simple resume, it’s crucial to know about the things that should be avoided in it. Our templates have been designed after considering all dos and don’ts in mind. Let’s discuss the elements you can avoid discussing in a simple resume design.


Since it’s a simple resume, you don’t have to incorporate your picture. Everything is supposed to be simple, from design to text in a simple resume format. If your work experience is convincing enough, you will easily get hired.

Inconsistent Fonts:

A simple resume shouldn’t contain mismatching and fancy fonts that make it difficult for the recruiters to scan the text. Consistency is the key, and you can achieve it by using the same and simple font style.

Physical Address:

There is no need to add your physical address in a simple resume. Mentioning the city and country in the contact information is enough to let the hiring manager know where you belong to.


In a simple resume format, there’s no need to put in references. The simple resume is supposed to be entirely focusing on what an individual can offer to a company. Therefore, you must avoid including references to it.


Another element that must not be part of a simple resume is the course you have done in the school or college. The recruiters usually don’t pay attention to this kind of information; hence, it’s advised not to put them on your resume.

When to Pick a Simple or Basic Resume Template?

The candidates who have confidence in their work experience and want to get hired on its basis can go for a simple resume template. The positions like maintenance and repair, logistics, food service, etc. demand experience from the employees; hence, the recruiters usually desire to receive a simple resume that emphasizes work experience.

Entry-level applicants like students can also go for a simple resume design. This will help them keep things simple instead of making the resume fancy with different color schemes. Our tool’s simple templates allow its users to make the most out of the selected resume and get hired.

How Does a Simple Resume Look Like?

You can look at the simple resume templates provided in this resume builder to understand the layout of a simple and basic resume. While creating a resume with a simple resume template, you can notice the following things in its design.

  • A simple resume template involves a limited color scheme.
  • It gives a classic look and allows the reader to easily skim through the content.
  • The sections in a simple resume must be of equal size.
  • Stylish font and text shouldn’t be used.
  • A simple resume template focuses more on the body of the resume and comes with a smaller header.

Simple Resume Formatting Tips

With a simple resume template, an employee’s basic aim is to catch the hiring manager’s attention among the pool of thousands of applicants. This is only possible if your resume is efficiently formatted from top to bottom and doesn’t create hurdles for the reader to scan it. The tips for formatting are as follows:

Candidate basic aim is to get hired


The length of sentences should not be lengthy, and it’s preferred to make bullet points.


Whether you are using bold, underline, or italicize style, it must remain consistent throughout the simple resume.


It’s recommended to use traditional font typefaces instead of fancy or calligraphy ones. The color of the resume should also give a simple and clean look.

Strong action verbs:

The use of strong actions will direct the focus of the resume on your accomplishments that can get you a call for an interview.

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