Birthday Poster Templates

Galvanize your birthday party craze by designing a stylish birthday poster. DesignStudio offers an extensive collection of customizable birthday posters from which you can choose the best design and edit it as per your preference. You can also include the necessary elements like shapes, colors, background, etc., to your birthday greeting card to make it more appealing. You don't have to hire a professional designer, as DesignStudio offers an easy-to-use tool to design your birthday posters with ease.


Choose the Best Birthday Poster Design

Discover the wide range of personalized birthday poster ideas and choose the best design for your birthday party theme. These templates are free to use and easy to edit and print.

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Make your Birthday Poster (Easy Steps)

1. Choose a Poster Template

Discover the vast collection of birthday poster templates and choose a poster design that fits your requirements.

2. Customize the Template

We provide completely customizable templates in which you can change the text, colors, shapes, and background of the poster as per your choice.

3. Download/Save

Once the necessary modifications to the birthday poster design are complete, simply click the “Download” button to save it on your device. No signup required!!!

Why Choose DesignStudio Poster Maker?

100+ of printable templates

Design Studio provides 100+ editable birthday poster templates for users to instantly craft their birthday greeting cards. All the templates are easy to customize and completely free to use.

Easy-to-use interface

The poster maker has an easy-to-use interface that enables users to design their posters without complex procedures.

Various Design Resources

DesignStudio provides readymade birthday poster templates and various design resources such as colors, background images, fonts, shapes, etc. You can use these resources to alter any template as per your desire.

Must Consider Things in a Birthday Poster

Name & age of birthday person

The name and age are two essential parts of a birthday greeting card that exquisitely elaborate vital information about the birthday person. So, make sure to add this information correctly to the poster.

Picture of the birthday person

A birthday poster design would be incomplete without a stylish picture of the birthday person. Adding the photo will give the birthday poster an artistic touch and enhance its appearance.

Birthday Greetings

A birthday greeting holds the power to impress the viewers. Using our poster maker, you can find tons of greeting ideas online and add them to your birthday poster.

Birth Date & Time

Without birth date and time, a birthday poster is considered incomplete. Therefore, you should include this information accurately in the poster.

Design Tips for a Birthday Poster

Attractive Design

A good-looking design always grabs the attention of viewers. You should choose a birthday poster design that includes the best combination of both textual content and layouts.

Elegant Colors

Colors enhance the appearance of a design if they’re used accurately. Therefore, use an appropriate color scheme for your happy birthday poster that resembles the party theme.


While designing a birthday poster, make sure to use appropriate fonts to give your poster an aesthetic look and make it easy for the viewers to skim through it.


Shapes can alter the look of a design and present the idea easily. Design Studio provides various shapes from which you can pick the best one as per your choice.


A poster background enhances its appeal and increases the text readability. It also helps viewers easily comprehend the message you want to convey through your poster.

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