Hiring Poster Templates

Summon the pool of best candidates and fill out the empty positions in your company with an enticing hiring poster design. Design Studio offers an extreme collection of readymade hiring poster templates that allow you to design posters without any complexities. There is no need to hire a professional designer as the platform offers you completely customizable templates free of cost. Design an alluring recruitment poster that shouts we are hiring slogans to capture the attention of job seekers.


Choose the Best Hiring Poster Design

Explore 100+ printable hiring poster ideas and choose a design that matches your requirements. Make necessary amendments in the chosen template using advanced editing options available on DesignStudio’s dashboard. From text to colors, and background you can alter anything in the template the way you desire. Moreover, there is no registration needed to use the templates as all the designs are available for free.

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Design a Hiring Poster in Easy Steps!

Select a Poster Template

Explore the wide collection of editable hiring poster templates and choose a template according to your demands.

Modify the Template

After choosing the hiring poster design, customize the design by changing its colors, shapes, icons, and fonts to suit your needs.


Once you complete customizing the template, click the “download” button to save the poster on your device. No sign up needed!!

Why Would You Design a Hiring Poster?

Designing a hiring poster may seem irrelevant or unnecessary these days when you have platforms like LinkedIn to spread the word about the positions open for candidates to apply. However, posters are considered an effective form of marketing, and the companies looking forward to recruiting qualified candidates can make use of them to capture their attention. Furthermore, a hiring or recruitment poster is mainly designed to spread the ‘we are hiring’ call to attract highly-qualified candidates.

What to Include in a Hiring Poster Design?

Company Name & Logo

While making a poster for the hiring process, it is essential to add the company name and logo at the top of the design. Without including them, the passersby won’t be able to recognize or associate with your business. If you’re renowned in the market, then incorporate these details in a prominent manner.

Job Positions

What job positions are you recruiting candidates for? Make sure to add the job titles to your hiring poster. It captures the attention of job seekers and you'll attract the right candidates for the right jobs.


While curating hiring posters, it is essential to add the qualification levels that you're expecting from applicants. It helps you list down the interested candidates for your company and find the best out of them swiftly.

Job Requirements

What are the requirements for the jobs you’re making a recruitment poster for? Add these details prominently to the poster to help applicants know what kind of tasks they’ll have to undertake after applying for the job.

Field Experience

Do you want to hire fresher or qualified candidates with certain years of experience? It is essential to mention experience levels in the recruitment poster to attract the right candidates for a specific job position.

Interview Timing

Interview timing is another important part that should be mentioned in the job hiring poster that lets applicants know when you’ll be conducting interviews so that they will visit your office at the right time.

Company Contact Details

While designing recruitment posters, it is vital to include the company’s contact details such as website URL, cell numbers, and email address in the poster to make it easier for applicants to reach you swiftly.

Design Elements of a Hiring Poster


Colors create a powerful emotional impact on the minds of people. Using the best colors in a poster design enhances its look and makes it easy for the audience to understand the content. You can find tons of catchy colors on our poster maker from which you can choose the best one that is perfect for your poster design.


Visuals enhance the poster's appeal and increase its readability. Therefore, It is suggested to use quality visuals in your recruitment poster to help viewers interpret the content rapidly.


Shapes present the idea more effectively than text. Using relevant shapes in the poster helps viewers easily comprehend the message you want to convey to them.

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