Restaurant Poster Templates

Shout out about your café, restaurant, food lounge, and tempt the foodies with an enticing restaurant poster design. Design Studio provides professionally designed restaurant poster templates to help users design stunning posters for their restaurants in a few minutes. All the templates are easy to customize so, you can create unlimited posters for your cafe or restaurant without taking assistance from any professional.


Choose the Best Restaurant Poster Design

Explore the extensive range of printable restaurant poster ideas and choose a design that suits your requirement. All poster templates are made by professional graphic designers so, you can customize any template without observing any complexities. Whether you own a restaurant, café, or a coffee shop, you can get beautiful restaurant poster templates for every kind of food chain on Design Studio.

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Create a Restaurant Poster - (Simple Steps)

Choose A Poster Template

Discover the vast collection of readymade restaurant poster templates and pick a template that matches the theme of your restaurant or cafe.

Edit The Template

After choosing the template, customize it using various editing options such as colors, shapes, background, and fonts as per your desire.


Once you make the required modifications to your template, click the “Download” button and save it on your device storage. No Signup required!!

What should be included in a Restaurant Poster Design?

Restaurant Name & Logo

People recognize any restaurant or food outlet through its name. The restaurant’s name and its logo design represent the business and make it stand out from others. Therefore, you should incorporate these details properly into your restaurant advertisement poster.

Menu Details with Images

If you want to promote your new food brand, it’s essential to let people know the delicious and exclusive food items being served at your eating place. Adding menu details with high-quality images to the restaurant poster helps visitors get an idea about the foods you’re offering.

Discount Offer

It has been proved by research that people get attracted by the words “Sale” and “Discount.” Therefore, you should include discount offers in your restaurant advertisement poster properly. It will enhance the poster appeal and engage a maximum audience towards your food place.

Social Media Info

Social media platforms make it inevitable for businesses to promote their brands on such mediums to outshine everyone. Therefore, it is essential to mention your social media handles on the poster, so people can follow you on those platforms and stay updated on the latest happenings, discounts, and new offers.

Contact Info

How will people book their table at your restaurant, or how can they reach your food outlet? The restaurant poster design must contain accurate contact information like phone numbers, email addresses, and social media handles so that people can reach you effectively.

Opening & Closing Hours

To save the customers from any sort of embarrassment and complexity, it is suggested to include the opening and closing hours of your poster.

Delivery Type (Free/Paid)

In this hectic world, people prefer ordering their food at their place. To stay alive in the competition, you need to provide food delivery service to your customers. Make sure the delivery type (free/paid) should be highlighted on the poster.

Restaurant Location

The ultimate reason for crafting restaurant posters is to increase your restaurant sales and attract the maximum audience. Make sure to add clear and accurate restaurant locations to the poster so that people can find your food place easily.

Elements used to design a Restaurant Poster

Elegant Graphics

The visual appearance of a poster holds great importance in its effectiveness. So, the visual icons and image quality must be up to the mark. Always make sure that the visuals you use in your poster are high-quality and relevant to the overall layout.

Basic Colors

Color scheme is another crucial part of a poster that requires an ample amount of attention. An inadequate selection of colors can damage the overall poster look. However, you can use the extensive collection of colors available on Design Studio and pick the perfect options for your restaurant poster design as per your choice.


Fonts can improve the appeal of a design and set the tone of the communication. Using faulty fonts in the poster can damage its look and affect the readability of the viewers. So, it is suggested to use the most suitable font styles for the poster.

Mistakes need to Avoid When Designing A Restaurant Poster

Don’t Clutter Your Poster

While designing a restaurant poster, do not use a design that gives a congested appearance. A poster is cluttered with text, unnecessary images, visual icons, and irrelevant objects, which will be hard to read by the viewers. Therefore, it is suggested to use the elegant graphics, best colors, and fonts in your poster to maintain its understandability and attractiveness.

Don’t Include Fake Offers

A restaurant poster is just like an official document that represents a food outlet or eatery. There should be no information in a poster that is wrong, especially mentioning the discounts that you're not offered. Adding any wrong or fake offers to the poster will affect your brand’s credibility and can damage your restaurant’s fame right away.

Avoid Using Low-Quality Images

Using blurred quality images in the poster affects its appearance and the audience may find it hard to read the poster content. So, always use high-quality and relevant images in the poster.

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