Wanted Poster Templates

Spread the words about the thief who robbed you, or poke fun at your friends with a striking wanted poster. Design Studio presents a wide range of printable wanted poster templates that help you design posters in a few minutes. You don’t need to learn design skills or hire professional designers, as we offer completely customizable templates that enable you to create posters with ease. Design attractive wanted posters with our poster maker and make fun of your friends or relatives.


Choose the Best Wanted Poster Design

Discover the rich collection of professionally designed wanted poster templates and choose the design that perfectly matches your needs. Customize the template using the editing features of our poster maker such as colors, shapes, icons, fonts, and visuals according to your choice. There is no registration needed to use any design as all our poster designs are available for free.

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Create a Wanted Poster in 4 Simple Steps!!

1. Select a poster template

Check out the 500+ wanted poster templates and pick any design that can convey your message exquisitely.

2. Add wanted person’s photo

Next, add the wanted person's picture to your poster design by simply uploading it from your device.

3. Add description

Once you are done with adding up the picture, add a description about the wanted person in the poster according to your need.

4. Download free

After making all the essential changes to the poster, save it on your device by clicking the “Download” button. No signup required!!!

Why Choose DesignStudio Wanted Poster Maker?

500+ Customized Templates

Design Studio offers a wide collection of customizable wanted poster templates that allow users to create attractive posters without putting effort from scratch. You don’t have to design the entire layout yourself as each template is fully layered which only requires a minor modification, hence you will get a unique poster in no time.

Free Poster Templates

Design Studio provides an extensive library of free wanted poster ideas. You don’t need to sign up or buy any premium subscription to use any template. You can personalize any design and download it for free.

Templates with different Backgrounds

All the poster templates are designed by professional designers and available in different backgrounds, so you can easily pick the best design that perfectly fulfills your requirements.

What should be included in a Wanted Poster?

Picture of The Wanted Person

A wanted poster is incomplete without a picture of the wanted person. Adding up the photo of the wanted person completes the purpose of creating a poster. Therefore, it is essential to include a clear picture of the wanted person in the poster to get the desired results.

Name of The Wanted Person

What is the name of the person who is wanted by the law enforcement agencies? Or, the name of the friend you want to poke? You should add the wanted person’s name prominently to the poster. It is suggested to mention the name right below the picture so the viewers can easily read it.

Description About Wanted Person

A wanted poster is a document that lets passersby get familiar with the information regarding the person you are searching for. Sharing the precise but accurate information in the poster conveys the message adequately and helps people know the details of the culprit.

Reason Why the Person Is Wanted

A wanted poster is mainly used to inform the public about a person whom security officials wish to apprehend. It is important to include the reasons or crimes in the poster that make the person want to the authorities, and hence the readers know the offense of the culprit effectively.

Reward Amount

Have the authorities announced any reward for giving any information relevant to tapping the wanted person? If yes, then you must add it to the poster. Adding the reward amount to the poster uplifts its appeal and makes the passersby more attracted to the announcement.

Let Design Studio Be Your Wanted Poster Design Expert

DesignStudio poster maker is an online platform that enables users to design posters without any manual effort. The exclusive range of editable wanted poster templates available on Design Studio helps you design attractive posters swiftly. The platform also provides editing features that enable you to make necessary changes to the template as per your choice. Unlike many other online poster making tools that require registration before using their service, our wanted poster creator does not restrict users to sign up or buy any membership at all. You can use our tool and design unlimited wanted posters for free without any limitations.

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