Gaming Poster Templates

Stimulate the flame of your gaming event with an attractive game poster design. Capture the audience's attention towards your event using the personalized gaming poster templates available on our poster maker. Our poster templates cover all kinds of gaming events and you can choose any design as per your event genre. Design an enticing poster with our poster templates and wow your target audience.


Choose the Best Gaming Poster Design

Check out the wide range of professionally designed gaming poster ideas and pick a design that you think is perfect for your event. Make necessary amendments to your poster design with the advanced editing features available on the poster maker. From text to colors, shapes, and background you can alter anything in the poster as per your choice.

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How to Create a Gaming Poster?

Select a Game Poster Design

Explore the vast collection of printable gaming poster templates and select a design that can best represent your gaming event.

Customize the Design

After choosing a template, customize it as per your choice. All templates are customizable but you can further alter any element like shapes, colors, background, icons, etc in the template the way you desire.

Download For Free

Once you’re done customizing the gaming poster template, click the “Download” button to save it on your device. No signup required!!!

Why Choose DesignStudio Gaming Poster Maker?

100+ Free Poster Templates

Design Studio provides 100+ free gaming poster templates that can be used for all kinds of gaming events. There is no registration required on using any template as all templates are completely free to use.

Various Design Resources

Along with free poster templates, the platform also provides design resources that help you make modifications to the poster quite swiftly. The resources include shapes, icons, font styles and colors etc.

No Design Skills Needed

The interface of Design Studio poster maker is simple and easy to use. Even if you have no expertise in designing, you can easily understand the functionality of this tool and design your posters effectively.

What should be included in a Gaming Poster?

Brand/Company Name

People have a strong association with the brands. Adding brand name in a gaming poster design helps the audience know which company launches the game. It also helps you reach a large number of audience at the event.

Game Name

Gaming lovers will always look into the game name that is about to launch. Therefore, you should include the game name in the poster to encourage viewers to attend your event.

Game Characters

Are there any specific characters in the game you are about to launch? Sharing game characters in the poster creates excitement among the audience and they will be eager to play the game after it is launched.

Release Date & Month

When is your game coming to the market? Add the release date and month of the game in your game poster to help potential game players know when the game will be available to play.

Location & Venue

Location and venue details are important to let’s audience know where they need to come for attending your event. Therefore, it is essential to add this detail in the gaming poster design to avoid any inconvenience.

Entry Fee

Are you charging an entry fee for the gaming event you’re organizing? Highlight this info in the game poster to help viewers know how much they need to pay to become a part of your event.

Contact Details

How do people contact you for queries they have regarding your event? Make sure to include the contact details in the game poster such as website URL, phone number, email address, or social media handle.

Components used in a Gaming Poster Design

Quality Graphics

Graphics give elegance to a design and enhance its appearance. While designing a gaming poster, use graphics that resonate with its text. It also helps passersby easily interpret the content from a particular distance.


Colors are used to draw audience attention towards a design and make it easy for them to go through different sections on it. You should use colors in the poster that differ from the background otherwise, the poster content won’t be visible to passersby.


Visuals cover a considerable space and deliver the idea appropriately. They enhance the appeal of a design and attract viewers' attention. Therefore, it is suggested to use appealing visuals while curating your game posters.

Font Style

Font styles are used to differentiate different sections in a design. So, always use the best fonts for your poster that make it easier for viewers to comprehend its content. It is recommended to use two to three font styles throughout the poster.

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