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Create hype for the festival you’re organizing with a stunning festival poster design. Whether you’re arranging a religious, seasonal, or music festival, our customize festival poster templates have got you covered. You don’t need to hire a professional designer or learn any design skills, as our poster maker is here to serve you out. Take the designing game into your own hands and start creating festival posters today.


Choose the Best Festival Poster Template

Struggling to find suitable poster templates for marketing your event? Design Studio offers a wide collection of festival poster templates from which you can pick the design as per your festival nature. Get started creating festival posters with our poster maker without relying on graphic designers anymore. Additionally, our tool does not impose any restrictions or require users to register to download their poster designs.

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Create your Festival Poster in 3 Simple Steps

Choose a Template

Get your hands on the wide variety of festival poster ideas and choose a template that promotes your festival effectively.

Customize the Template

After choosing a poster design, make modifications to using the editing options given on the poster maker. You can modify the colors, font, shapes, and background of the poster with a couple of clicks on your device.

Download Free

Once you have completed the customization of the poster, click the download button to save it on your device. No registration is required!!

What to Include in a Festival Poster Design?

Brand Name

Brand name is an important part of the poster that lets passersby know about the face behind the event. While designing a festival poster, include the brand name at the head of the poster. It will give a boost to your brand, and its name will flourish in the market. If your brand is already recognized and carries a good face value, then you can cash it for the festival you are organizing.

Festival Title

The Festival title plays a vital role in the success of your event. It also helps the audience know the concept behind your poster. Therefore, you should include the festival title in the poster right below the brand name to leave no confusion for the viewers.

Date and Year

When is the festival going to be celebrated? Is it on the actual festival date, or are you planning it out on the other day? Whatever the date and year are, they must be displayed on the festival poster design, so that the viewers know when they should be available to attend the festival.


What is the location of the festival you’re organizing? It is important to share this information in the poster so that the audience reaches your festival without facing any difficulties.

Entry Fee

What is the price for entry tickets to your festival? Are you giving any discounts on purchasing bulk tickets? All of this information should be included in the poster to avoid all kinds of hassles for the viewers.

Social Media Info

Many people are keenly interested in viewing what’s going to happen in the event before making a plan to attend it. If you are creating hype over social media platforms, then you can include the official social handles in the poster design.

Tips to make a Festival Poster

Identify the Goal of Your Poster

What do you want to achieve with the festival poster? Do you want to promote sales with the arrival of any festival? This question must be answered before you kick off the designing process. No matter what kind of poster you’re creating, your goal will determine the design strategy you should follow for getting the desired outcome.

Consider Your Audience

What is your targeted audience? If the festival you’re organizing is about a specified audience, you must focus on their interests and the things that can capture their attention. Without having the know-how of your audience, you won’t have the right pathway for creating a stunning festival poster.

Use a Template that Suits Your Brand

The wide collection of readymade festival poster templates offered by Design Studio makes it easy for the users to choose any design as per the festival's nature. All the templates have been designed by professional designers, and you can use any design that resonates with your brand.

Add Information About the Festival

Although the ratio of textual content is less than imagery on a poster, it’s still essential to include all the vital information. Your poster will be incomplete without the details like date, year, time, fee, location, etc. Suppose that the viewers have liked your portrayed poster design, but they don’t know where and when to come. In such a case, your poster won’t contain any value, as it won’t be generating results.

Use Quality Images & Graphics

The images and graphics you use in the poster can help you stand out and make an impact on the audience. Low-quality graphics used in a poster can blur the vision and make passersby uninterested in reading the content it contains. Therefore, you should use high-quality images to enhance the poster appeal, and attract a broad range of audiences to your festival.

Use Contrasting Colors

Be it a flyer, poster, leaflet, or any other visual design, colors carry utmost importance, and they cannot be left out in any case. While designing a festival poster, you should know about the colors that can evoke the emotions and interests of the audience. Moreover, contrasting colors can make the poster content easily readable and leave no confusion for the viewers.

Use Bold Fonts

In a festival poster design, you might wish to draw viewers towards a specific detail or call to action. To put a strong emphasis on such a detail, you can make it bold with a relevant font typeface. The usage of ordinary fonts won’t highlight your message in the poster. Therefore, it’s crucial to go for bold fonts without any second thought.

Use Varied Shapes and Icons

The shapes and icons possess the power to represent a concept or idea in a precise way. While using them in a poster, you can elaborate on the central idea without adding much textual information. However, make sure to not use the same shapes and icons throughout the poster design. You must bring variation in them and uplift the appearance of your festival poster design.

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