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Let the people know about your research by representing a general overview, data, statistics, and other crucial findings with an eye-grabbing research poster. The customizable research poster templates offered by Design Studio enable you to design inspiring posters and convey the purpose of your research conference effectively. You don't have to learn any special skills or hire a professional, as our poster maker is here to help you out. Design a stunning poster and promote your research conference effectively.


Choose the Best Research Poster Design

Discover the wide range of printable research poster templates designed by professionals and pick any design that you find most relevant to the nature of your research. You can alter the template with the advanced editing features available on the poster maker and save it on your device without any signup.

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Make a Research Poster in Simple Steps!!

Select you desired template

Explore a vast range of free research poster templates given on the poster maker and choose any design according to your choice.

Customize the template

After choosing the research poster design, customize it by changing the background, color scheme, shapes, and typography the way you want.

Download free

After making all the changes to the poster, simply click the “Download” button to save it on your device. No registration is needed!!

Why Choose Our Research Poster Maker?

500+ Customizable Templates

DesignStudio offers a huge collection of creative research poster templates that enable you to design attractive posters for the research conference instantly. All templates are fully layered and can be used for any kind of conference or seminar.

User-friendly Interface

The user-friendly interface of our poster maker helps users to easily explore the poster templates and customize any design without stepping into any complicated process.

Multiple Customization Options

Our research poster maker provides advanced customization features that enable you to make required changes in the poster design effectively. You can completely redesign the chosen research poster template according to your choice.

What Should Be Included in A Research Poster Design?

Organization Name & Logo

Who is conducting the research conference? You must include the organization name at the head of the poster so that people get familiar with the event organizing agency.

Research Title

What is the title you are using for promoting your research conference? Or, if you are designing a poster to promote your academic research, then what is the title of your research? Add the research title prominently at the head of the research poster to attract passersby.

Research Objective

What is the purpose of conducting all the research, or why are you organizing a research conference? Highlighting the objective of the research in the poster helps the audience understand the purpose of your research. It also helps potential participants get prepared more effectively.

Conference Edition

If you are organizing a research conference at a certain time, It is essential to mention the research edition in the poster. Sharing this info in the poster lets’ the audience discover your struggle and expertise in the specific domain and consider your event worthy of attending.

Research Agenda

A research agenda is one of the most crucial aspects that must be conveyed to the audience properly. People get attracted to your conference once they get familiar with its nature. Therefore, it is inevitable to include the primary objectives of your research in the poster prominently.

Names of Guests

People attend the event by seeing the renowned experts and researchers who are attending the seminar. Therefore, you should highlight the famous names who will be a part of your research conference in the poster.

Contact Information

No poster would be completed without the organization's contact information. Therefore, it is essential to add the contact details like email addresses, contact numbers, or social media handles in the research poster, so that people can reach you swiftly regarding any queries or suggestions.

Design Tips For Research Poster

1. Make the text readable

It doesn't matter how stylish your research poster design is, if the text content doesn't look attractive, you cannot get the desired results. The length and the visibility of the text affect the overall performance of a poster. Moreover, the inappropriate text colors or size used in a poster affect the text readability and people find it hard to interpret it properly.

2. Add Good Quality Visuals

The high-quality graphics and visual icons make a poster more attractive and grab the audience's attention. Using relevant graphics in the poster, you can convey the purpose or domain of your research more effectively.

3. Adding Graphs & Charts

The statistical figures and charts enhance the reliability of the research statement. Therefore, it is essential to add relevant graphs and charts to the poster to help viewers comprehend the message.

4. Use Large Font Size

The typography or fonts used in a poster affects its overall appearance. Using extra small or extensively large fonts in the poster disturbs its overall layout. So, it is suggested to use adequate and a bit large fonts in the poster that are visible from a specific distance. Design Studio provides a collection of various fonts from which you can choose the best one for your poster.

5. Using Whitespace Properly

While designing a research poster, use whitespaces properly in the text to give a breathing span to the readers. Without leaving whitespaces, the poster will become congested with text and give the content an untidy look. Therefore, it is essential to use proper whitespaces in the text to make it easy to understand for the audience.

6. Using Bullet Points Correctly

There will be several critical points that you want to convey to your readers. The best way to make your crucial information prominent from other text is to include it in bullet points. Therefore, use bullet points properly in the poster to highlight certain information and direct the audience towards themed lists.

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