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Promote your film festival or movies with an enticing movie poster design. Explore the vast collection of movie poster templates and design beautiful posters for your upcoming film festival. You can customize any design and add much-needed effects to the template to make it resonate with your movie's theme. There is no need to learn special design skills or hire designers, as the platform provides an easy-to-use tool that lets you create unlimited stunning posters swiftly.


Choose the Best Movie Poster Design

Get your hands on the wide collection of readymade movie poster ideas and choose a design that perfectly matches your requirements. Make necessary changes to the chosen template using advanced editing options available on the dashboard of Design Studio. You can also add the necessary elements like colors, fonts, text, and shapes to your template as per your movie's theme.

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Design an Iconic Movie Poster in Easy Steps!

Select a Poster Template

Explore the wide range of printable movie poster templates designed by a team of professionals and select a design as per your needs.

Customize the Template

After choosing the poster template, customize it as you like using various design elements such as text, colors, fonts, shapes, etc.


After completing the customization process, click the “Download” button to save the poster on your device.

What should be included on a Movie Poster?

Movie Title

The title of a movie attracts audience attention towards its screening. It is essential to include the title at the top of your movie poster design.


If your movie has been a hit and you’re working on its promotion, make sure to mention its rating on the poster in a contrasting color to catch the audience's attention.

Release Date

The audience always looks into the release date of a movie to know when it is hitting the big screens. Therefore, you should prominently add a release date to the poster.

Names of the Directors & Actors

It’s essential to give courtesy to the faces working behind and on the screen in the movie. Make sure to mention the names of the movie's actors and directors in the poster.

Mistakes to Avoid in a Movie Poster

  • Missing Information
  • The text carries great weight in a poster design, and missing essential details is a major mistake to avoid. The spelling errors could also add insult to the injury; hence, it’s essential to proofread all the information contained in the movie poster template before taking its prints.

  • Bad Design
  • How have you managed the design elements in the poster design? Using flashy graphics makes the poster design unpleasant for the audience and you will not get the desired results.

  • Inconsistency
  • Marketing through posters means engaging the audience by grabbing their interest and attention. If your poster text isn’t properly formatted, then the audience won’t be able to easily skim through the content displayed on it.

  • Use of Wrong Colors
  • Wrong color combinations can scatter confusion and disturb the poster’s overall look. If you use irrelevant colors, the information presented on the poster might stay invisible. So, you should use the right colors in accordance with the other elements in a poster design.

  • Contradiction Between Image and Text
  • The image and text being used in a poster should interlink with each other. However, the error made by most people while designing posters is of using an attractive image and text content without creating any linkage between them. It affects the poster appearance and viewers won’t be able to interpret the idea in your poster.

    Components use in a Movie Poster

    Unique Style

    A unique style makes your movie poster design stand out from the crowd and put you in a winning position. But while staying unique in style, make sure the poster design is consistent with the movie itself in the first place.

    Colors & Fonts

    A poster is incomplete without text & fonts. The selection of fonts & colors is mainly dependent upon the theme of the movie. You should choose fonts and colors for the poster that resonate with your movie or film festival and make your poster look more appealing.

    Size & Dimensions

    What font size are you using for the title, tagline, and other details in the movie poster design? What are the dimensions of a poster? Getting all these things in an adequate form is crucial to keep up the spark of what you are portraying.

    Design Your Next Movie Poster with DesignStudio

    DesignStudio movie poster maker is a free utility that enables users to create enticing posters swiftly. The platform provides a huge collection of customizable movie poster templates in different styles and themes so you can design striking posters and promote your film festivals effectively. All templates are free to use without any registration. Moreover, there are no design skills required as Design Studio provides an easy-to-use tool to help you create movie posters without any hassle.

    All poster templates are fully layered so that you can create the right mood for your poster and incorporate different effects to express your film’s nature as per your choice. After selecting the desired poster template, do whatever changes you want by using different kinds of font styles, typefaces, colors, and backgrounds available on the platform to bring your dream movie poster to life!

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