Travel Poster Templates

Promote your hotel, resort, or travel business with a striking travel poster design. We provide a wide collection of customizable travel poster templates that help you create striking posters for your travel business. All templates can be used for free without any registration. Furthermore, there is no need to hire professional designers, as Design Studio provides an easy-to-use tool to help you design posters with ease.


Choose the Best Travel Poster Template

Explore the wide range of professionally designed travel posters and choose any design that matches your travel business’s niche. Whether you own a travel agency or plan a tourism-related seminar, you can get all kinds of travel poster ideas. All of the poster designs are available for free and you can easily customize any template as per your desire.

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How to Create a Travel Poster Design?

Choose A Poster Template

Browse the collection of 100+ travel poster templates and choose a template as per your needs.

Make Changes in The Template

After choosing the poster template, you can customize it by changing the color scheme, typography, text, and background images as you like.


When you have made all the necessary changes to the poster, click the "Download" button and save it on your device. No registration is needed!!

What Should You Include in A Travel Poster?

Agency Name & Logo

The organization's name and its logo directly strike the audiences’ minds and let them get familiar with the services you are offering. It is essential to include the name and logo of your travel agency at the top of the travel poster.

Travel locations

The sole reason for creating travel posters is to guide people about the tour plans your travel agency is offering. Therefore, it is essential to highlight the locations you will be visiting during the tour in the poster. It helps you convey the right information to the audience and win their trust.

Package Detail

What should be included in your travel package? Make sure to add the complete details of the tour plan such as total expenditure per person, number of days, recreational activities, flight details, accommodation services, etc.

Contact Info

How do people get connected with your travel agency in case of queries regarding the tour plan? It is suggested to add proper contact details such as the cell phone numbers and email addresses of the agency to help potential participants reach you quickly.

Social Media Info

Sharing social media information will depict that you are a famous and renowned company. Sharing social media handles in the poster helps interested individuals to book their seats timely. It also helps them stay updated about your upcoming projects.

Elements used in a Travel Poster Design

Visuals & Graphics

The graphics and visuals used in a poster design make it appealing and enhance its readability. The low-quality graphics will affect the poster's layout, especially at the time of printing. Therefore, always use quality graphics for your poster.

Colors & Fonts

While designing a travel poster, always make an adequate selection of colors to capture the audience's attention and engage them with your proposed tour plan. An inappropriate color scheme will reduce the impact of the poster and distract the audience from the information you are sharing with them.

Shapes & Icons

Color and shapes will uplift the charm of your poster and make it more captivating. While creating your travel poster, make sure to add some exciting icons and symbols that provoke thoughts and lead people to book their seats for the tour plan straight away.


The background of a poster is another key element that can enhance or reduce its appeal. The visual icons, text style, and images will provide an artistic touch only if they complement the background. If the poster background doesn't match the graphics and typography of the textual content, then it will cause a distraction for the readers and affect their readability. So, always use a perfect background that gives an aesthetic touch to your travel poster design.

Why Choose DesignStudio Poster Maker?

DesignStudio poster maker is the perfect online utility that helps users in designing an awe-inspiring poster effectively. The online utility provides tons of professionally designed travel poster templates that can be customized without any hassle. Users don’t have to learn any professional designing skills or buy any paid tools for making posters with the poster maker. The utility has an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy for the users to design attractive posters without stepping into any complexity. Design Studio is the most suitable option for the travel agencies to design posters and attract maximum audience towards their tour plans.

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