Football Poster Ideas

Spread the word about your football championship or sports event with a stylish football poster design. Promote your sports-related event or products with our vast collection of readymade football poster ideas. There is no need to get assistance from any designer as our customizable football poster templates help you create posters without any hassle. Furthermore, You don’t have to waste money on purchasing tools, as the platform provides poster templates for free without requiring any registration.


Choose the Best Football Poster Design

Explore the wide range of editable football posters designed by professionals and choose any design you think is a perfect fit for your event. Design Studio offers completely customizable poster templates, but you can further alter the template according to your event’s genre.

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Design a Football Poster (Simple Steps)

Select A Poster Template

Discover the rich collection of professionally designed football poster ideas and pick any design that you feel promotes your event.

Alter The Template

After choosing the football poster template, customize it by changing the layout, color scheme, fonts, shapes, and background as per your choice.

Download Free

After making all the necessary changes to your poster, save it on your device by clicking the “Download” button. No registration is needed!

What Should a Football Poster Include?

Agency Name

The audience will always look into the name of the agency or organization that is conducting an event. It is essential to include this detail at the top of the football poster to engage a maximum audience.

Championship Title

The audience gets attracted to the event through its title. While curating a poster for a sports event, it is essential to highlight the championship title in the poster.

Names of The Teams

Which teams will take part in the football championship you're organizing? Adding the team's names to the poster increases the audience's interest in attending the event.

Day and Month

Sports lovers often wait for the championships far before their date. Include the correct date and month of the event to save the audience from any hassle.

Time Schedule

While designing a football tournament poster, it is important to share the accurate timing of the event to save the interested participants from any inconvenience.

Entry Fee

If you’re conducting a premium event, add the entrance fee to your football poster design. It helps the audience know the cost they need to pay for attending the event.

Location & Venue

What is the ground where your football championship will be held? Sharing the location and venue details in the poster helps people reach your event without any hurdles.

Contact Details

There might be a few queries that people have in their minds regarding your event. So it is vital to share the contact details in the poster, such as the email address, landline numbers, social media handles, etc., to help people reach you swiftly.

Elements used in a Football Poster Design

Quality Visuals

Visuals enhance the beauty of a design and help the audience understand the message effectively. Using quality visuals in the poster makes it more captivating and grabs the audience's attention.

Elegant Colors

Colors enhance the overall appearance of a poster. A fine selection of colors in a poster enhances its appeal and helps viewers understand the information clearly. Design Studio provides a collection of different colors; you can pick the best option for your poster according to your choice.

Beautiful Background

A background enhances the beauty of a design and improves text readability. So, always opt for a football poster background that adequately incorporates essential elements like text, icons, and symbols.


Using relevant shapes in the poster helps viewers comprehend the idea more adequately without reading the entire text. You can explore the various shapes in DesignStudio's dashboard and choose any symbol that matches your poster’s layout.

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