Earth Day Poster Ideas

Raise awareness about climate change among the people and educate them about conserving the planet with an attractive earth day poster design. Design Studio presents a huge range of earth day poster templates that are completely customizable. You can design posters using any template without requiring any professional assistance. All the templates are entirely free to use. No Signup required!!


Choose the Best Earth Day Poster Design

Get your hands on the copious amount of earth day poster templates curated by professional designers. Choose the template as per your event nature and make necessary changes using the advanced editing features. From text to fonts, colors, and shapes, you can alter any element in the template the way you desire.

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Make an Earth Day Poster in Simple Steps!

Choose an Earth Day Poster Design

Explore a wide variety of personalized earth day poster ideas and pick a design that can best fit the event you’re organizing.

Modify the Design

After choosing a poster design, make the required changes according to your choice. Each poster template is fully layered, and you can alter any of its elements without any hassle.


After completing the customization process, click the “download” button to save the poster design on your device. No registration is required!!

Difference Between Earth Day Poster & Environment Day Poster

Many people perceive both earth day and environment day as one and don’t differentiate between them. The main objective of both days is the same, i.e., raising awareness about protecting the environment. However, there’s a little difference between these two days, as earth day is celebrated on 22nd April and focuses on raising awareness about climate changes and global warming. Environment day is celebrated on the 5th of June, focusing on environmental protection. However, both earth day and environment day posters are designed to support environmental protection.

What should you include on an Earth Day Poster

Earth Day Title

To trigger viewers' interest in celebrating earth day, make sure to add a title to the earth day poster.

Earth Day Slogan

A slogan holds power to highlight the campaign’s importance and make it memorable. So always add inspiring slogans to your earth day poster to attract a larger audience to your event.

Event Time

At what time your earth day event will commence? Ensure the event’s timing prominently on the environment day poster to let viewers attend the event at the right time.

Date, Month, & Year

What’s the date, month, and year of the earth day event you’re planning? Although the actual date of earth day is known to everyone. But if you want to arrange the event for another day, make sure to include these details in the earth day poster.

Entry Fee

Are you charging an entry fee for your event? It is suggested to highlight the entry fee in the poster to avoid any misconceptions among the audience.

Location and Venue

Where's the earth day event being organized? The location and venue details of the event should be shared in the poster so that the viewers know where they need to come to attend the event.

Design Tips for a Environment Day Poster

Attractive Graphics

Graphics play a vital role in enhancing the design look and capturing the viewer's attention. So, always go for pictures that are of high quality and match your event theme.

Elegant Colors

Colors enhance the overall appearance of a poster. A fine selection of colors in a poster enhances its appeal and helps viewers understand the information clearly. Design Studio provides a collection of different colors; you can pick the best option for your poster according to your choice.


Text is an integral part of a poster design, as you cannot convey several essential information through graphics or shapes alone. Therefore, you should incorporate text by organizing it into different sections to help readers understand the content effectively.


The graphics, text, and other elements on a poster template should blend with its background. The low contrast colors make it tough for the readers to view and understand the text on the poster. Therefore, choose a background that shows all other elements like colors, shapes, and text in the poster prominently.

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