Scientific Poster Templates

Spread the word out about the science exhibition, conference, or seminar you are organizing with an appealing scientific poster design. Our readymade scientific poster templates enable you to design an attractive poster for your event without any manual efforts. You don't have to learn any special skills or hire any professional, as our poster maker is here to help you design posters effectively.


Choose The Best Scientific Poster Template

Get your hands on the rich collection of professionally designed scientific poster templates and pick a design as per your needs. Whether you are organizing a scientific exhibition or a science-based research seminar, our printable scientific poster designs will help you in promoting your event effectively. All of these designs are completely customized and can be used for all sorts of scientific conferences. Furthermore, the user-friendly interface of our poster maker makes it easy for you to design posters without any difficulty.

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Create a Scientific Poster - Easy Steps!

Choose a poster template

Go through the wide range of free scientific poster templates on the poster maker and choose a design that you find the most relevant to your scientific conference.

Modify the template

After choosing the template, make the required amendments the way you want using the editing features such as shapes, fonts, images, icons, background, etc.

Download free

After making all the required changes in the template, simply click the “Download” button to save your poster design on your device. No Signup required!!

What Does a Good Scientific Poster Look Like?

Science posters are mainly used to promote scientific exhibitions or conferences. It also conveys the purpose of the conference or event exquisitely. There are numerous fields of science, but it is essential to mention a specific domain in the scientific poster that will be discussed at the conference. When it comes to design elements like visuals, shapes, fonts, and colors, make sure to use them properly in the poster to uplift its appearance and grab the audience's attention. It is also suggested to use a clear background in the poster to make things simple and easy to understand for the audience.

What to include in a Scientific Poster Design?

Conference Title

A conference title is an identifier that helps the audience know the nature of the event. Make sure to include a proper title at the top of your scientific poster design to get the audience familiar with your event.

Area of Research

What will be the area of research, or what field of science you are going to cover in your conference? You should include the area or domain of your research in the poster prominently so that the visitors know what the purpose of your event is.

Conference Edition

Is this the inaugural scientific event, or has it been organized for several years? If yes, then you must mention the edition in the scientific poster. It gives the viewers a sense of reliability and promotes your company as a professional organization.

Famous Names

People get attracted to an event that is promoted and visited by famous individuals. You might have also seen that leading companies often use famous names attending their event for promotional purposes. Similarly, you can boost the spark of your event by adding special guests' names to the scientific poster design.

Contact Information

If individuals have queries or suggestions regarding the conference, how will they contact you?. It is essential to include the agency's official email address, cell phone numbers, and social media handles in the poster to assist users to reach you easily.

Design elements used in a Scientific Poster

Clear Background

A clear background is an essential element of a scientific poster design that enhances its overall appeal. It gives the poster an aesthetic touch and helps visitors comprehend the message effectively.

Title and Headings

The textual information you add to your scientific poster template must be relevant and precise. You should choose titles and headings that are flawlessly written and clearly define the poster's content. Try to use short but precise headings in the poster to let viewers go through the entire content wisely.

Size and Dimensions

The size and dimensions of graphics you use in the poster must neither be too large nor too small. Inadequately sized graphics disturb the poster’s overall layout. Hence, always use graphics with accurate size and dimension in the poster to make it visible for the readers.

Font Style

Typography is another crucial element of a poster design. Fonts differentiate text sections in the poster and uplift its attractiveness. You can explore the extensive collection of font styles available on Design Studio and choose any style you feel is the best fit for your poster.


Colors will give life to a poster and make it attractive. They attract the audience's attention and mark a strong impact on their mind. So, always choose colors for your poster that match your event theme and help viewers easily skim through its content.


White spaces are an essential element of a poster that is used to give a breathing span to the readers. Whitespaces will improve users' readability and enable them to digest the information in the poster. Make sure to use them appropriately to maintain the poster’s appeal.

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